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Note: Children, Seniors, and OHIP insured eye exams will not be seen starting September 1st due to province wide job action. Click here for more

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My son needed new lenses in his glasses. We were told it would take one week for them to be ready but took over 2 weeks. Then when we were asked to come in with his frames to put in the new lenses we were told that the lab was only ever open until 5pm. This is a problem for us because both my wife and I dont get home to from work until after 5pm. The tech in turn told us that we could do it during our son's PA day. Well we work during our son's PA days and we would rather he not have to walk over an hour each way to get this done. The next suggestion was for us to do it when we have a holiday. It was the middle of October so all of our vacation days were used up. Ultimately I had to cancel a work appointment, lose an hours pay and a commission to be able to accommodate their schedule. Whe I did get there with the frames I was told that the tech makes their own hours and that she does some times make exceptions even though no exception was offered to us. Very disappointed with the customer service. The lenses did turn out fine though.
1 month ago
- Brent H.
I have been going to Ben Giddens office for years, and have always been treated with the upmost respect and been helped out when ever I need it.. I’m now bringing my kids and they love it! Everyone is so friendly and nice, can’t find another optometrist that will treat you this well. 100% recommended
5 months ago
- Jamie R.
My wife and I have been going to Giddens Optometry since 2018 and have always been impressed with the staff and doctors. I'm writing today because they went above and beyond to help. With COVID, they are not taking walk-ins. This is very understandable and makes sense, unfortunately emergencies arise that do not allow for making an appointment. We arrived as soon as they opened and advised them immediately we didn't have an appointment but it was very clear there was a problem with my wife's right eye as it was swollen and red. If we knew a possible cause, we would not have gone, but we didn't and we really needed help. The amazing staff helped her. The Dr. was able to make quick room to assess and give a prescription to get her eye on the road to healing. We booked an actual appointment for follow up and review. On our way out I thanked the staff that was letting us out profusely. Their help was tremendously appreciated and all they asked for was a review. They did not ask for a 5 star review, they did not ask for a positive review...just a review. I am sure they knew it would be a good one as I was very humbled by their care for my wife and appreciated them very very much. I guess I am just trying to say, this place is the best. Thanks again for your care, Richard
8 months ago
- Richard B.
I am happy with the way Giddens Optometry has served my family. The doctors are great and the glasses/ contacts offerings are modern and priced reasonably.
11 months ago
- Kevin P.
Lost the screw on my current glasses (bought at another optometrist) but unfortunately could not get there as they were closed- was told by another clinic/optometrist that they would have to keep my glasses for 48 hours (which would then leave me blind- wear my glasses 24/7). Giddens Optometry took care of me in a timely manner with awesome service would highly recommend!!!!
11 months ago
- Matthew T.
Friendly and helpful. No fuss replacement of one lens that didn't quite end up with the right prescription.
12 months ago
- Stephen D.
Best optometrist in town. Dr. Kozma was very helpful and all the staff were great. Clean, safe and good selection of glasses. Highly recommend this place.
12 months ago
- Ryan P.