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Pricing and Promotions

Should I buy my glasses and contact lenses at Giddens Optometry?

When you buy your glasses and contact lenses at Giddens Optometry you can be confident you will get the right prescription and the right fit to make your vision and comfort the best it can be. Choose from our extensive frame selection and different product lines in our two locations. We ensure our pricing represents value for Georgetown and back it up with our Can’t Adapt to Glasses guaranty for added peace of mind.

Junior Program: (for ages 1 to 15)

Your child needs glasses and you think the prescription might change or you think your child might damage the glasses. Try the Junior Program for lenses. The lenses cost about half of what the standard adult price would be and the lenses will be replaced at no charge within 15 months, regardless of the reason (prescription has changed or the lenses have been scratched). Along with a two year warranty on the frame, your investment in your child’s vision care will be protected.

Junior Kindergarten Children:

Free eyeglasses under the Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) program. If your child is in Junior Kindergarten and their eye exam reveals a need for eyeglasses, they will be supplied at no charge at both our practice locations

Adult second pair promotion:

If you need two pairs of eyeglasses, the lenses on the second pair will be half price. This can be used for different types of eyeglasses such as sunglasses, progressive bifocals, standard bifocals, readers etc. You can use a frame from any source with this offer, your own or a new one.

Generic frames:

Although fashionable designer names are common in prescription eyewear, we carry a selection of inexpensive generic frames at both of our office locations. These are always a popular item and offer value at prices about 1/3 of most name brand frames.

Coating Warranty:

We provide a two year warranty. If the coating on your lenses starts to peel or crackle, lenses will be replaced at no charge. If you have accidentally scratched your lenses, the warranty doesn’t apply but we are always happy to offer a “bad luck “discount. Just ask.

Senior Discount:

We value our senior patients (age 65 and over) and always provide a 10 % discount on any prescription eyewear.

Can’t adapt to glasses?

We will make any change necessary so you can adapt to your glasses. We will change the prescription, change the lens material or design, start all over with a new frame, or give you a full refund. Our desire is for you to be happy with your eyeglasses.

Disposable Contact Lens Pricing:

At Giddens Optometry we fit the most appropriate contact lens for you in order to maximize your comfort, vision and ocular health. Daily or monthly disposable lenses are available for nearsightedness and farsightedness as well as astigmatism and multifocal (bifocal).

We ensure our replacement pricing compares favourably with on-line vendors and big box stores. Pricing per unit is always less if you buy a one year supply. Please contact our office for pricing and available rebates.

You can now order contact lenses with our online shopping cart. As well, we can ship directly to your address from several of our suppliers if you prefer.


a3ef93d0 34de 453f b5f4 5ffd895a5f85 (1)A Letter from Dr. Ben Giddens

Hello friends, I have retired!

I had 37 years of good fun in Georgetown and loved the gift of meeting so many warm and friendly people! I am very sorry that I didn’t have the time to chat with everyone about my exact plans, and felt guilty over that at times. It was not an easy task. If anyone wants, or needs to contact me, please send an email to my office and I will reply.

I am 66 years old and still feel like I am in good health. My wife died of cancer in 2021 but I have good friends and family and a fun life. I recently moved back to Toronto which is where I grew up as a teenager. I have an active outdoor life and have many ski trips and travel plans in front of me. Lots of interests and activities to explore with an overriding sense that I am a lucky guy. I am also a grandfather now.

I have always tried to employ staff and optometrists who have a heart. I think that is where the office is at today and I hope it continues. Everyone knows their work, and the heart matters.