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Kate Spade Frames at Giddens Optometry

Embrace Playful Sophistication with Kate Spade Frames at Giddens Optometry in Georgetown

Add a touch of playful sophistication to your eyewear collection with Kate Spade frames, featuring bold colors, quirky details, and feminine designs that are sure to turn heads. Visit Giddens Optometry in Georgetown to find the perfect pair of Kate Spade frames to express your unique personality and style.


a3ef93d0 34de 453f b5f4 5ffd895a5f85 (1)A Letter from Dr. Ben Giddens

Hello friends, I have retired!

I had 37 years of good fun in Georgetown and loved the gift of meeting so many warm and friendly people! I am very sorry that I didn’t have the time to chat with everyone about my exact plans, and felt guilty over that at times. It was not an easy task. If anyone wants, or needs to contact me, please send an email to my office and I will reply.

I am 66 years old and still feel like I am in good health. My wife died of cancer in 2021 but I have good friends and family and a fun life. I recently moved back to Toronto which is where I grew up as a teenager. I have an active outdoor life and have many ski trips and travel plans in front of me. Lots of interests and activities to explore with an overriding sense that I am a lucky guy. I am also a grandfather now.

I have always tried to employ staff and optometrists who have a heart. I think that is where the office is at today and I hope it continues. Everyone knows their work, and the heart matters.