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Myopia Management

Myopia, also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is the inability to see things clearly unless they’re situated close to your eyes. It is the most common refractive error among children and young adults. Most patients with this condition wear eyeglasses or contacts to correct their vision.

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However, myopia is more than an inconvenience; it can pose a serious risk to your child’s long-term vision. As a child develops and the myopia rapidly progresses, the child is at a higher risk of developing dangerous eye diseases later in life. Namely, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. Thankfully, Myopia Management can help.

Myopia Management solutions include eye drops, specific contact lenses, and glasses, which can help slow down the rapid visual deterioration that occurs with myopia. Contact Giddens Optometry and see how Myopia Management can help your child experience clearer, sharper vision and a higher quality of life.

what is myopia

What is Myopia?

Myopia develops when the eye grows too long from front to back, which causes light to focus in front of the retina rather than directly on it. For those with nearsightedness, distant objects appear blurred while nearby objects remain clear.

This condition develops during childhood, when the eyeballs are experiencing rapid growth, and tends to progress gradually or rapidly into the late teen years. Myopia can be easily corrected using glasses or contact lenses.

Childhood myopia is typically diagnosed between the ages of 5 and 7 and worsens during the eye’s rapid growth years.

What is Myopia Management?

“Myopia management” aims to slow the progression of myopia in children. Several studies have indicated that these treatments successfully slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children and teens.

Giddens Optometry currently offers several customized treatment options to slow the progression of myopia. Our doctors work closely with each family (and customize treatment programs to determine the best treatment option for every child based on their unique needs.

The treatments offered include:

  • Atropine eye drops
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Orthokeratology (“ortho-k”)

Patients are carefully monitored by Dr. Andrea Kozma and Dr. Stephanie Britton every 6-12 months to assess the efficacy of the chosen treatment modality.

Growing Prevalence of Myopia

What Should the Patient Expect?

To monitor and assess the efficacy of the treatment, all our young patients undergo an extensive vision evaluation, provided by Dr. Andrea Kozma and Dr. Stephanie Britton. This includes:

  • Cycloplegic refraction
  • Corneal topography
  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Discussion of the results
  • Development of a personalized treatment plan

Giddens Optometry serves patients in Georgetown, Limehouse, Acton, Halton Hills, and throughout Ontario.

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