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Should Your Baby Wear Sunglasses?

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Are Sunglasses Necessary for Babies?

Yes! Your infant’s eyes are still developing and are more sensitive to UV ray damage than an adult’s eyes. Moreover, their eyelids are still tender and are vulnerable to painful sunburns.

At What Age Should a Baby Wear Sunglasses? 

Babies should start wearing sunglasses at 6 months. Prior to that, infants should be kept out of the sun as much as possible. During these crucial months, every time you take your baby outside, shield them from the sun with hats and don’t forget a cover for your stroller.

Once your baby is 6 months old, they can start enjoying direct sunlight, but only for limited periods and only if their heads, skin and eyes are shielded properly.

What Kind of Sunglasses Are Best for Your Baby? 

When you choose a pair of sunglasses for your baby, look for the following:

  • 100% protection against UVA (long-length rays) and UVB (short-length rays)
  • Impact-proof lenses made of durable polycarbonate that will bend but not break
  • Wraparound sunglasses that will stay on your baby’s head and won’t slide off

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do You Keep Sunglasses on a Baby?

  • A:To keep your baby’s sunglasses from slipping off, select a wraparound style or purchase a plastic strap that will hold them in place. Some infant sunglasses are sold with a strap included.

Q: Can a baby wear polarized lenses?

  • A:Although polarized lenses – which reduce glare reflected from surfaces – aren’t a must for a baby, they can reduce glare and discomfort if you’re taking your baby to a beach or snowy area. Check that the polarized lenses also provide 100% UV protection.

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